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About Todd Moyer Band

Todd started playing guitar when he was 16 years old.  He has been the Lead Guitarist for Fair Warning Ministries for 20 years.  TMB is the band he has created for himself in order to spread the Word of God to people from all walks of life.  Todd has toured with Fair Warning Ministries in various parts of the country, performing in big and small venues and outdoor festivals. Fair Warning Ministries has played with well-known bands like:  Petra—Guardian—Disciple—Tempest—Apologetix. Whitecross (Rex Carroll) Todd’s style of playing resembles the likes of:  Eddie Van Halen—Joe Satriani—Tony Palacios–Phil Keaggy.  Most of these players have also been a real inspiration for Todd throughout the years. Todd is an accomplished guitarist in his own place in the market.  His music background covers a wide range of Christian Hard Rock, Blues and Jazz put together in various ways by his songwriting and performing style.  He has had the privilege to play with a few artists who have played with other national artists like:   Bass Player—Trevor Reddick  Drummer—Ernie Harris who once was with the band America (later became a Christian) – Karl Ney from the band Guardian, Todd writes his own music for Fair Warning Ministries; His writing comes from experiences and inspirations he encounters in his daily walk with the Lord.  Todd has studied the two handed soloing method to make it his own playing style. He studied the guitar body, neck, and strings to make it sustain and stay in tune for a better sound.  He gives the guitar the right amount of touch to make it sound great.    He has studied the lead and rhythm parts, which he uses in his own writing.  He also does a lot of improvising in his music and songwriting on and off stage.  You will be getting a unique guitar player with a style and sound all his own.

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Todd Moyer band

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Band Members

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